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Pettah: Adjacent to Fort is Pettah-Colombo's leading bazaar district.It has narrow cobbled streets lined with shops and street stalls that offer the most fantastic bargains and the most unimaginable range of goods varying from bright printed fabrics, suitings, undergarments, children wear, footwear and handbags to electrical goods, semi precious jewellery, watches, rare first edition books, cutlery and other household items.It has the lazy charm of the bygone era combined with the verve and vivaciousness of a modern city.

Within Fort are several places of tourist interest, which can be conveniently seen on foot.Galle Face Green: A promenade on the sea face stretching one and a half kilometers, it is a relic of the British era. Today it is the largest open space in Colombo and a famous picnic spot.Slave Island: On the south of Fort, is a long, narrow island-where the slaves had their night quarters-called Slave Island.The park is famous for its flowering trees, water channels and fountains.Wolvendaal Church: It is Colombo's oldest Dutch church.

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