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(Limit one order per person/organization every 6 months.) For orders over , materials, along with a bill for publications plus shipping, will be shipped to the address provided.Placing Your Order To place an order, call 701.223.9052, 1.800.403.9932 (toll-free in ND), or email R4 - This brochure is currently being updated by the publisher; the newest version is on order and will be made available to customers as soon as PCAND's shipment arrives.Hi I am new to Elans and fibreglass cars in general. The image below is of the cracked area at the battery tray. George I haven't got access to it now to check exactly how, but my tray cracked a long time ago, just from the weight of the battery I imagine, which must cause stress when you hit a bump. It should be just a straightforward fibreglass repair, though it would be sensible to try to strengthen the whole thing while you're at it.

I see this as another place name "on the doorstep" we missed - nearer yours than mine! - I thought maybe battery acid from a leaking battery sometime in the past.Make sure you clean the area up before attempting the repair.Movement in the cracked area meant the battery clamps kept coming undone and for years I just used elastric straps to keep it in place.Reglassing it turned out to be a fairly easy job once I plucked up the courage to start cutting into it.

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Prior to the creation of the circular service to Eston, the terminal loop at Normanby was equally tight, similarly making use of a road junction.

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