Who is luke perry dating 2016 is nick jonas dating

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Who is luke perry dating 2016

She was great at what she did in the character with me," he continued.

I'm so grateful that young me got to be friends with you. you've taught me a lot about speaking my mind and not being afraid of my power. "At @rewindcon today AJ and myself had the pleasure of meeting #Tori Spelling #jenniegarth #gabriellacarteris from #90210," the singer wrote before sharing another image with Perry and Priestley.

Though Perry was well into his 20s when the show began in 1990, fans still had a hard time believing the actor is now a half a century old.

Perry played sideburned hottie Dylan Mc Kay, who bounced between dating Minnesota twin Brenda Walsh and her best friend, Kelly Taylor, on the 1990s Aaron Spelling hit show.After the event, he didn't announce any big news that he's dating someone new, leaving all of his fans guessing!!We too are wondering if the gorgeous date of Luke was just for one night or he 's actually dating the lady.Just two months ago in April, the The pair held hands while posing for the paparazzi and walked down looking really smitten and close.The event was also joined by famous socialite Caitlyn Jenner, step-father of Kim Kardashian and Paris Jackson.

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Well, it's about time the duo reveal their relationship and get married!