Who is carly manning dating dating a girl my friend kissed in the past

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Who is carly manning dating

As soon as Nick and Melanie met, sparks flew between the two.

After a brief few meetings with Max, Melanie disappeared. Melanie was there as the guest of the host's daughter. Trent called Melanie and told her that his friend, Claude, would be attending the party.

Nick Fallon soon followed Max and Stephanie to France to help them with their search.

Nick had seen Melanie's picture and recognized her from her blog, "Premier Party Girl".

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Melanie first appeared on screen July 31, 2008 when Nick watched the "Premier Party Girl" blog.

Nick recognized the face from the picture that Max had shown him, and soon realized that Max's sister was "Premier Party Girl".

Stephanie and Max caught up with Melanie in Marseilles.

While Max tried to connect with his long-lost sister, Stephanie did not find Melanie's party girl attitude endearing.

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Stephanie followed Max, and together, they discovered that Melanie Layton was attending school in France and was a very popular girl on the European party circuit.