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We are dating now episode 5

In many ways, she's unlike anything we've seen on the show before, and when gunning for the crown that often comes in handy.

In what is technically her 10th episode of the show over two seasons, Eureka gets her first challenge win with a brava and fully committed performance as a demented sexy baby.

The strongest season of Ru Paul's Drag Race continued tonight with some expertly set up mischief, a dramatic backfire, touching moments, and a lip sync for the ages that ended in a shock elimination, all right before the eyes of pop-country high queen Shania Twain, of all people. Oh, right, an accidentally pointed reclamation of the once necessary but now outdated representation that trashy tabloid talk shows provided to queer people in the '90s.

But before we get into this episode, the show starts as always with the queens cleaning up leftover business from last week.

The relationship between queer people and these trashy shows goes further than just Ru.

Alas, Vixen's choreography actually takes the day.

We soon find out why: Her prize is pairing each queen up for the main challenge, and the Vixen seems primed to stir things up.

In such a topsy-turvy season where queens' fortunes ebb and flow, that's not for nothing. While other queens went for instant jokes in their "Bossy Rossy" segment, Cracker and Mayhem executed a joke with legs that really paid off.

Meanwhile, her runway look, basically Pippi Longstocking's Alabama cousin, wasn't much in and of itself, but Cracker continues to sell her questionable oddball choices with visionary oddball runway walks that seal the story.

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As for the actual results of the assignment, Aquaria turns out a look that wouldn't be out of place on the runway in earlier seasons, while the Vixen sells her presentation with body movement that perfectly illustrates her narration.

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