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You will be doing a complete makeover on Ariana Grande.

What Ariana is looking for is a stylist with skills, and that would be you.

Hey girls, Ariana has been invited to a wedding and is in dire need of a new hairstyle, makeup, and she would like to visit the spa before it’s over.

She will also need special clothing for the wedding attendance, which you can get from her enormous costume closet, she has several different ones.

Are you prepared to take on the task of choosing how she looks?

The game is similar to a "choose your own adventure game" that will have a different outcome depending on your choices along the way.Yes you read that right; you can choose from among the various Ariana Grande poses and have her in the pictures stored in your i Phone or i Pad.You will be manipulating everything using the mouse in this fun filled makeover.Here’s your chance to show off your hair styling abilities.The famous singer and actress Ariana Grande has decided to get a totally new hairstyle.

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Change her hairstyle, give a nice color to her cheeks, lips and eye shadows, put on a nice necklace, change the color of her lenses and put a stylish top on her to make her look beautiful and attractive whichever way you want.

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