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Not just artworks, but also nature and ordinary objects.But then if we apply the remarkably elaborate and sophisticated conceptual apparatus of philosophy of perception to questions in aesthetics, we can make real progress.Why does it seem like a person's ears and nose continue to grow until old age?Height doesn't change after puberty (well, if anything we get shorter as we age) but ears and noses are always lengthening. As you age, gravity causes the cartilage in your ears and nose to break down and sag. Studies have estimated that ears lengthen at a rate of about .22 millimeters per year.Many influential debates in aesthetics will look very different and maybe not as difficult to tackle if we clarify the assumptions they make about perception and about experiences in general.The focus of the book is the concept of attention and the ways in which this concept and especially the distinction between distributed and focused attention can help us re-evaluate various key concepts and debates in aesthetics.Rogalski also found varying amounts of amyloid and tau, hallmark Alzheimer's proteins, in the brains of some superagers.Now scientists are exploring how these people deflect damage.

Aesthetics is about some special and unusual ways of experiencing the world.Early on, brain scans showed that a superager's cortex - an outer brain layer critical for memory and other key functions - is much thicker than normal for their age.It looks more like the cortex of healthy 50- and 60-year-olds. But Rogalski's team found another possible explanation: A superager's cortex doesn't shrink as fast.But it turns out that superagers' brains aren't shrinking nearly as fast as their peers'.And autopsies of the first superagers to die during the study show they harbour a lot more of a special kind of nerve cell in a deep brain region that's important for attention, Rogalski told a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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" said neuroscientist Emily Rogalski, who leads the Super Aging study at Chicago's Northwestern University.