Validating large xml files

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Validating large xml files

The terms validating and non-validating have specific meanings within the context of XML.A validating parser is one that reads the doctype declaration (DTD) associated with a document, and validates that the contents of the document follow the rules described in the DTD.The only two files you need are yxml.c and yxml.h, which can easily be included and compiled as part of your project.Complete API documentation is available in the manual.The intention is to make sure that all of the above mentioned issues can be fixed on top of yxml (by the application, or by a wrapper) if strict conformance is required, but the required functionality to support custom entity references and DTD handling has not been implemented yet.And now follows a list of things that are not part of the core XML specification and are not directly supported.

SIZE PERFORMANCE LIB VER LICENSE OBJ STATIC WIKI DISCOGS strlen 25 816 0.16 0.09 expat 2.1.0 MIT 162 139 194 432 1.47 1.09 libxml2 2.9.1 MIT 464 328 518 816 2.53 1.75 mxml 2.7 LGPL2 static 32 733 75 832 12.38 7.80 yxml git MIT 5 971 31 416 1.15 0.74 SIZE PERFORMANCE LIB VER LICENSE OBJ STATIC WIKI DISCOGS strlen 25 816 0.16 0.09 expat 2.1.0 MIT 113 314 145 632 1.58 1.20 libxml2 2.9.1 MIT 356 948 412 256 3.01 2.08 mxml 2.7 LGPL2 static 27 725 71 704 11.70 7.44 yxml git MIT 4 955 30 392 1.67 1.02 TL; DR: yxml does not accept garbage XML documents, it will correctly handle and report issues if the input does not strictly follow the XML grammar.

In this blog post I am going to show you how to overcome this limitation, as well as how to validate the file size and type on the client before submitting it to the server.

All it takes to overcome the framework limitation is to do several modifications to the project’s web.config file.

NET default limitation, you need to modify your web.config file as shown in the first section.

In contrast, the Silverlight upload is designed in a different way so that it divides the file to be uploaded on the client side in many chunks, each of which is 2MB large.

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) non-validating yet mostly conforming XML parser written in C.

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