Upscale dating jacksonville

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Upscale dating jacksonville

If they can make a good cocktail that's a plus, wine bars are fine, and beer is what I'm least likely to drink.Some places near the top of my to-try list include Orsay (a good happy hour I hear), Ovinte, Black Sheep (rooftop bar sounds good), Three Layers Cafe (wine and pastries sounds good to me), the bars at some upscale restaurants (e.g.The part of La Villa north of Adams Street was for many years a center of African-American life and culture in Jacksonville.

The town was occupied by Union troops for much of the American Civil War, and steady growth came after the war's end, when it became one of Florida's first major tourist designations.Three have "directional" names, a common characteristic in geographical areas.The most commonly used vernacular areas are Northside, located north of Downtown; Arlington, east of Downtown across the St.In addition, the greater area of Jacksonville is often divided into several large sections with amorphous boundaries.The areas include both urban neighborhoods within the old city limits as well as further-out suburban and rural communities.

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Jacksonville's first suburb, it was originally an independent city until it was annexed in 1887 along with several other suburbs.

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