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But what you can do is you can use IIS 7 Express for development purposes.

It behaves just like IIS 7, but can be installed on different Win OS versions, starting from XP and up.

This is very easy to do in IIS7 using the following instructions.

Click here to hide or show the images Once you have generated a CSR you can use it to order the certificate from a certificate authority.

This new version makes several big changes in the way that SSL certificates are generated, making it much easier than previous versions of IIS.

In addition to the new method of requesting and installing SSL certificates, IIS 7 includes the ability to: This article will walk you through the process of ordering an SSL certificate from a commercial certificate authority and installing it on an IIS 7 Windows Server 2008 machine.

The process will also work for later versions such as Windows Server 2016 and IIS 8 and IIS 10 with some small modifications.

This matrix might help Generally speaking IIS Express isn't installed on a server, because there's no need.These components include protocol listeners, such as HTTP.sys, and services, such as World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW service) and Windows Process Activation Service (WAS).Protocol listeners receive protocol-specific requests, send them to IIS for processing, and then return responses to requestors.If you don't already have a favorite, you can compare SSL features from each provider using our SSL Wizard or by comparing cheap SSL certificates, Wildcard Certificates, or EV certificates.Once you paste the contents of the CSR and complete the ordering process, your order is validated, and you will receive the SSL certificate file.

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