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Updating bios msi wind

Our review sample notebook came with a BIOS dated 1/16/2009, but version 1.0D was released on 5-21-2009.

In order to be fully updated we flashed to this new BIOS version by downloading the BIOS, and placed it on a bootable USB key.

You can overclock the 1.6ghz Atom processor by 8%, 15%, or 24%, yielding a speed boost of up to 30%, according to reports.

You’ll get the most out of this if you have 2 gigs of RAM installed, but it works just fine with the stock 1 gig (which is what I have).

Let’s take a look at some benchmarks to see how this 15% overclock does!

You can select a CPU overclock of either 8%, 15% or 24%, for a maximum overclock of 2GHz.

Once the percentage is picked you just load the operating system like normal and use the Wind U100.

So far, though, even at 24%, I have only noticed a slight warming of the computer, nothing more.

Oh, and you can also download a hacked version of the 1.09 BIOS which swaps the locations of the Fn and Ctrl keys, another one of my little gripes.

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Once the overclock setting is enabled and percentage picked, you load the operating system like normal.