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Updating bind serial numbers authority

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol: Cisco proprietary distance vector routing protocol.Routers share their routing information with neighbouring routers in a logical area called an autonomous system.Autonomous System: An AS number is used with routing protocols (like EIGRP and OSPF), all routers that share information with each other in a group are members of the same AS number, (an AS number can be 1-65535).Asynchronous Transfer Mode: Used to move computer data, video, or audio over a network.

Remote Desktop Protocol: A Microsoft protocol that allows the desktop of one machine, to be shown on another machine over a network, can be used for remote assistance, remote administration, or Terminal Services.Software with a KMS key must get its activation from a KMS server (installed on its local network) every 180 days.Local Administrator Password Solution: Microsoft Software used to periodically change the local administrator password on machines and set them differently, as defined in Group Policy. Multiple Activation Key: A Microsoft software unlock code, designed to be used multiple times. Application I memorise the layers using the following Mnemonics; Please, Do , Not, Throw, Sausage, Pizza, Away. Organisational Unit: This is a container used in Directories like Active Directory or Novell Directory Services, can be used to hold directory objects like users, servers or printers etc.It embeds the data in ‘cells’ which all travel along a fixed path to their destination.This differs from TCP/IP ‘packets’ which can travel over many different routed to their destination.

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High Availability: An attribute given to a VMware cluster so that if any ESX host fails, it’s guest machines automatically get migrated to another host.