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The bobo dating game

There was also a sensational claim from the former lead investigator from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation who said Adams was not Bobo's killer.

Autry, who said he served as 'lookout' for the Adams brothers who as they disposed of Bobo's body, took the stand last week to tell how they rolled her body up in a rug.

' The jury also heard from Shawn Cooper, who was being held at the Chester County Jail in March 2014 in an unrelated case when Zachary Adams was brought there after being charged in Bobo's killing.

Cooper was awaiting transfer to Obion County Jail when he says Adams told him he was involved in the 'Holly Bobo murder case.'Cooper said Adams told him his brother was being held in Obion County Jail, and asked him to relay to John that he should stay quiet or he would 'put him in a hole beside her.'Cooper said those statements upset him.

They described his erratic, drug-fueled behavior and told how he behaved strangely whenever Bobo's name was brought up.

Anthony Phoenix, who was friends with Adams and often took drugs with him, said he once told him: 'I couldn't have picked a prettier b***h, could I?

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Currently his main beat is Temple football and basketball.

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