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For those of you thinking about applying for a Partner Visa in Australia, you should know that you may not be entitled to work (or study) in the country immediately, except if the previous Visa already stated you could.

As soon as your previous Visa ceases to be applicable, your Partner Visa application with Bridging Visa A OR Bridging Visa B could possibly be eligible to work or study in Australia.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to be eligible for a Partner Visa.

They are on the basis of a de facto relationship, or a de jure relationship (married). In Australia, if you want to apply for a Partner Visa on the basis of marriage then you need to be legally married to your partner (which in most cases should be your sponsor).

If you apply OUTSIDE of Australia on the grounds of marriage then you need to either: The good news is that if you were already married in a country that wasn’t Australia, and the marriage is legally binding and valid in that country, then it is generally recognized as a valid marriage under Australian law.

Failure to heed this will result in your application being denied.

In order to be eligible for a Partner Visa, on the basis of your marriage, you have to: If you got that far reading, it surely means you appreciate what’s here.

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If you need some more information regarding what marriages are recognized in Oz, then you can visit the Attorney-General’s Department website at

There are also a few more eligibility requirements that we need to discuss.

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Just to make sure – you know that instead of dealing with a ton of documents for a Partner Visa application you can call us and we’ll do the hard job for you, right?

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