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The challenge for Apple is that AOIs aren’t collected—they’re created.And Apple appears to be missing the ingredients to create AOIs at the same quality, coverage, and scale as Google.Look again at San Francisco: there’s no hint that the corridors (the black lines) are actually there: Of course, much of the problem is that we’re trying to find the corridors by looking for clusters of place labels (e.g., restaurants, shops, etc.).And place labels, like any other kind of map label, are subject to a number of design constraints: They have to be large enough to be legible.But it’s not just Apple—no one else seems to have them either: Only Google has buildings here. roads that Google hasn’t Street View’d: Street View vehicles once drove across the main routes nine years ago—but they never returned to capture the rest.But if we had looked at this same area just a couple years ago, we wouldn’t have seen any buildings on Google’s map. So why was Google quietly adding all of this detail to a town it had never bothered to Street View?

Just two years after it started adding them, Google already had the majority of buildings in the U. And now after five years, it has my rural hometown—an area it still hasn’t Street View’d (after 10 years of Street View).As we saw earlier, Google’s buildings are created out of the imagery it gathers for its Satellite View: With “Areas of Interest”, Google has a feature that Apple doesn’t have.But it’s unclear if Apple could add this feature to its map in the near future.Over the past year, we’ve been comparing Google Maps and Apple Maps in New York, San Francisco, and London—but some of the biggest differences are outside of large cities. Here the maps are strikingly different, and Apple’s looks empty compared to Google’s: Similar to what we saw earlier this year at Patricia’s Green in San Francisco, Apple’s parks are missing their green shapes.But perhaps the biggest difference is the building footprints: Google seems to have them all, while Apple doesn’t have any.

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Up until last year, this was even true of Google Maps. Patricia’s Green (the park from “A Year of Google & Apple Maps”) actually sits along one of these commercial corridors in San Francisco, the Hayes Street corridor: Notice that it isn’t until z18—one of Google’s very last zooms—that we begin seeing businesses clustered along Hayes Street.