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It took a bit of effort and a few volunteers, but the play places were reset for the evening play party in time for the 8 pm opening.A large crowd, no doubt spurred by the half price admission tickets available during the afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed themselves until 2 am.Another great weekend on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 1763!

As usual after Rope Bite, the large Gray Dungeon had many practicing ties on the mats throughout the evening.Ms Ice Crystal and Choc from SASS presented a very informational presentation and discussion on “Mid Scene Switching”, explaining to all the new folks what “switching” actually means within the context of a play scene, followed by a few practical examples. It was an evening on February 10 that had something for just about everyone.Rope Bite @Nite kicked things off with a great demo from out-of-towner furi0usge0rge as he presented “Fundamental Frictions”.The Dining Room was a flurry of activity throughout the afternoon as many vendors demonstrated their products.Winning a cash prize sure helped many purchase a favorite item or two.

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