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Sindhi dating site

During British rule in India, a variant of the Persian alphabet was adopted for Sindhi in the 19th century. It has a total of 64 letters, augmenting the Persian with digraphs and eighteen new letters ( A modern version was introduced by the government of India in 1948; however, it did not gain full acceptance, so both the Sindhi-Arabic and Devanagari scripts are used.

In India a person may write a Sindhi language paper for a Civil Services Examination in either script [1].

Sindhi language is spoken in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab provinces of Pakistan as well as the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat in India as well as immigrant communities in Hong Kong, Oman, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Russia, UK and the US.

The Sindhi language and other native languages of Pakistan are struggling to be officially given the status of national language in Pakistan.

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The first to appear in print was by Muhammad Siddiq (Lahore 1867).

Sindhi has a relatively large inventory of both consonants and vowels compared to other languages. The consonant to vowel ratio is around average for world's languages at 2.8. Today, Sindhi in Pakistan is slightly influenced by Urdu, with more borrowed Perso-Arabic elements, while Sindhi in India is influenced by Hindi, with more borrowed tatsam Sanskrit elements.

Before the standardisation of Sindhi orthography, numerous forms of the Devanagari and Lunda (Laṇḍā) scripts were used for trading.

A powerful unrest followed, after which Twelve Martial Laws were imposed by the British authorities.

According to Islamic Sindhi tradition, the first translation of the Quran into Sindhi was completed in the year 883 CE / 270 AH in Mansura, Sindh.

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