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Another way to show the flaw is through the character’s inner conflict over it. You should also show it through the character’s voice. It doesn’t need to be constant, but it needs to crop up every once in a while. Most people don’t see their own flaws – don’t acknowledge their own mistakes. Our psyches have ways of keeping us from becoming fully aware of our shortcomings, including cognitive biases and defense mechanisms. As you can see, most relate to ignoring evidence that the character doesn’t like. But you can’t overuse them, because reader’s won’t be suffering the same effects, and they won’t find it believable if used too often. Do the consequences have an affect on the storyline? What form does the arc take in relation to the flaw?

The flaws have to be communicated using the unreliable narrator who thinks that what s/he’s doing is correct and logical but which inevitably results in unexpected circumstances.” – Nathan Lowell And that pretty much sums up showing your character’s flaws. On the other hand, your character might be aware of the flaw and quite comfortable with it. This is one area where you can run into a lot of conflicting advice. The right flaw doesn’t detract from the character’s appeal.

There might be a lie that they believe, or a traumatic experience in their past.

With minor characters you can skip the reason, but generally not with major characters.

Even if you simply hint at one, it’s still better than nothing.

It might even be a reaction to current circumstances.

I’m not of the opinion that you have to show the reason behind every flaw.

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We’re talking about taking organized up a notch to control freak and then slamming it to flat out manipulative.