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The first staff member to witness the scene, who was now lying face down on the floor, had a heart attack when he first witnessed the woman while he was making his rounds.

My mom screamed for help, and frantically tried to perform CPR on the staff member.

All the while, the woman just sat rather calmly, holding her own eyes.

We had a young lady in our custody with quite a few issues. On Jane's first night at our facility, staff performing a bed check found Jane in a puddle of blood.

While in her room, she would walk to every wall and touch them in a crucifix pattern.

After doing this for a few hours, she would sit on her bed and go to sleep. Our night staff observed the entire interaction, and reported Jane screaming late into the night.

"I was a pharmacy technician at a hospital with a psych ward for some time.

Jane also had a ritual she performed every night before bed.

If he saw me outside of his room in the halls, he made sure to say hello and always called me "Miss Jones" or "ma'am." One day, a couple of our female nurses saw me pause to chat with him in the hallway, and waved me over to ask if I was out of my mind.

Apparently, when he was in kindergarten, he grew an intense attachment to his young female teacher.

Many consider abandoned mental hospitals to be scary or straight out of a horror story, but based on the stories from actual psych ward workers below, the ones still populated with patients are far worse.

My mom told me this story from her time at a neuropsychiatric ward while she was in grad school.

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This escalated to the point of him calling her "Mom" and leaving notes for her about how he wished he were her son.

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