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Sex dating in buntingford hertfordshire

From a bakehouse, adjoining the kitchen, there issued great baskets of wheaten loaves, steaming from the oven; and passing onwards to the cellar, I was introduced to the presence of a dozen barrels of ale and porter — Barclay and Perkins', if recollect rightly — and the contents of which seemed as excellent as any liquors of the kind I had ever tasted.

Ale and porter in a workhouse was a new feature, for which I had not been prepared, seeing that the inmates of our Scotch pauper asylums are judiciously restrained from indulging in any thing stronger than buttermilk or small beer, and that only as a liquefaction to their poor morning and evening meal.

One or two men were also working in the large garden of the establishment.

Proceeding up stairs to the women's division, I entered a species of parlour or sitting-room, cheerfully lighted by windows overlooking the country around, and here were sitting, quietly reading or knitting, a dozen old women; while one of extreme age, a good specimen of the old English dame in humble life, being incapable of locomotion, was wheeled in an easy chair by a companion along the floor and lobby, and with as much enjoyment as a child in its chaise.

Each class of inmates — men, women, boys,and girls — occupied its respective division of the house, with an appropriate airing-ground behind.

In one apartment, I found about thirty elderly men picking oakum, a very light employment; and is another place there were some men, of greater strength, working a pump which propelled water to a cistern, at the summit of the building.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] Putney had a workhouse from 1729.

The first Wandsworth workhouse was built in 1730 on East Hill, on ground leased from the local lord of the manor, Earl Spencer.

The Wandsworth and Clapham Guardians leased another site from Earl Spencer on the north side of St John's Hill where a new union workhouse was erected in 1838-40 to designs by George Ledwell Taylor.There were also four large day-rooms which, owing to overcrowding, were pressed into use as wards.The nursing staff comprised 63 female and 4 male nurses, plus other officers and servants.A small block containing the porter's lodge stood at the entrance to the site on St John's Hill.The workhouse location and layout is shown on the 1866 map below: Wandsworth and Clapham St John's workhouse site, 1866.

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