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Meanwhile I called in to see her,showing a genuine interest that became something I never dreamed of.This particular day,knowing she'd had a scan, I popped round just to see how she was coping.- being widowed, I knew someone just enquiring can be helpful in itself - and that was all it was. So as she opened the door for me, I was surprised to see her with what I'd call, just a smock gown of sorts.

While feeling strangely excited by daughter-in-law's charming utterance I still knew in my own mind she was getting some glee at watching me sqirm while looking at her tits.

- As I moved over to satisfy her request,she on seeing my hands feel her hardened belly outside the smock said, - "Not like that,hang on, - she fumbled around under the sash and pulled the gap open enough for me to see and feel her lump directly on her flesh.

In so doing,it was equally inevitable that the top opened even more,opened so much in fact that two brown oreole crescents came into view,peeking out at me.

After my son married,it quickly became a fruitful relationship,she was pregnant.

Unlike other current hubbies,he left her to track her pregnancy by herself while he done - 'following more manly persuits' as he called it.

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- This was swiftly overtaken by her moving to sit up as I took my hand off of her belly.

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