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Posted by / 11-Apr-2018 11:27

It took me little time of dedicated study to realise the massive loopholes in the claims of Oyedepo being 150 Mill rich made by nsehe of Forbes.

I equally only hear people say that Oyedepo said that it is an insult for him to be said to worth 150 million usd.

its all about for being rich, u can as well tell me how poor Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon etc were, and if u ever saw them in hell wen u paid a visit therehisgrace090: God is in the business of making people rich through covenant. See job 36-11/ its reads, if they obey and serve Him, they will spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure. but in Christ teaching he said we should turn the other side. Christ condemned prosperity but the Old Testament promote it. in the Old Testament God was in support of the killing of enemies but in Christ pray for your enemies. femidejulius:"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Mark I have always wondered why Nigerian super rich pastors do not talk about the above quoted gospel which Jesus himself spoke.there is a difference between a richman that does bit know God and a christian big man.

yet you people will say old things have passed away and all things become new to favour ur teaching. Hope you know Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job were the richest in their days. Jesus wasn't poor either What has Oyedepo himself got to say about the Forbes Ranking?

In summary Nsehe sat behind a Computer and made a Guess of what Oyedepo owns and is worth.

A true analysis of Oyedepo's worth would include an analysis of his bank account(s), value of his Victoria Island house, his car.

But they never make reference to why he sees financially valuing him as an insult.

I am worth Philipains , Oyedepo too is worth Philipains end of story.

Secondly, Mfonobong Clearly never went nor gained access to Covenant, Landmark Universities nor the Church's Hangar to assess the financial value or legal ownership of the said institutions or jet before coming up with his spurious 150 million USD claim.

zionmde:young man the needle eye is not the eye of the normal needle you sew with.

its a gate in Jerusalem that is too low that a camel needs to stoop so low to pass through.

why do you people preach like the Pharisees who like to quote the scriptures to favour themselves?

the Carmel and the needles eye alone explains it all even to a novice yet you saying the needle is something else.

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