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Office 365 University is available to full- and part-time enrolled students, faculty and staff of qualified, accredited higher education institutions. Qualified, accredited higher education institutions include Universities, Polytechnic schools and Institutes of Technology, as well as other tertiary-level institutions, such as colleges and vocational schools that award academic degrees or professional certifications.

Various tests have been devised by ARC for use in the course of our research.

A test with children with Asperger Syndrome Journal of Developmental and Learning Disorders -78 C.

Spong, (2001) Are intuitive physics and intuitive psychology independent?

If you have translated any of the ARC tests, and are happy to be contacted by other researchers to obtain a copy of your translation, please contact the webmaster.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for translations.

Hodges, (2002) Theory of mind in patients with frontal variant frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease: theoretical and practical implications Brain 12-674 V.

Knight, (1998) Frontal lobe contributions to theory of mind Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 0-656 S.

Hill, (2001) The 'Reading the mind in the eyes' test revised version: A study with normal adults, and adults with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning autism Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 1-252 S.

Clubley, (2001) The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) : Evidence from Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism, Males and Females, Scientists and Mathematicians Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 31:5-17 C.

Baron-Cohen (2012) Toward Brief "Red Flags" for Autism Screening: The Short Autism Spectrum Quotient and the Short Quantitative Checklist in 1,000 Cases and 3,000 Controls Journal of the American Acad of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry O.

Some of these tests are made available here for download. Boomsma, (2007) Factor Structure, Reliability and Criterion Validity of thev Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ): A Study in Dutch Population and Patient Groups Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 10 A.

You are welcome to download these tests provided that they are used for genuine research purposes, and provided due acknowledgement of ARC as the source is given.

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If you are concerned that you, or a friend or relative, may have ASC, please discuss these concerns with your GP or family doctor or ask the National Autistic Society (NAS) or equivalent charity in your country, for advice.

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