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The rivers and seas of Europe have washed down not a little blood.

Mankind and particularly European mankind has gone through severe trials, has become more sombre and more brutal. The world has entered into the period of the great change. Before I pass on to the theme of my lecture, the Revolution, I consider it my duty to express my thanks to the organisers of this meeting, the organisation of social-democratic students. My lecture, it is true, pursues historic scientific and not political lines. But it is impossible to speak of a revolution, out of which the Soviet Republic arose, without taking up a political position.

In addition to defending staunchly the revolution Trotsky describes the causes, the revolutionary reserves forces backing the proletariat, the pre-requisites and balance sheet of the revolution.It represents an objectively-conditioned element in the development of a revolution, just as a revolution represents an objectively-conditioned process in the development of society.But if the necessary conditions for the uprising exist, one must not simply wait passively, with open mouth; as Shakespeare says: “There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” In order to sweep away the outlived social order, the progressive class must understand that its hour has struck and set before itself the task of conquering power.On August 4, 1914, the vote of the German social-democracy for the war credits put an end to this connection once and for all, and opened the period of uninterrupted and irreconcilable struggle of Bolshevism against social-democracy.Does this mean that the organisers of this assembly made a mistake in inviting me to lecture?

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They arise historically, and then become fetters on further progress. Insurrection constitutes the sharpest and most critical moment in the struggle for power of two classes.

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