Serbian dating traditions

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Serbian dating traditions

I’ve partnered with Kuperard to create this series and I’m really excited to share a few cultural tidbits about different countries.Here are 9 interesting facts about Serbian culture.The post-war years have not been kind to Belgrade: although some sectors of Serbia’s economy are on the up, helped by the promise of E. accession, the average wage remains low and unemployment, especially among the youth, is high. Cafés and bars are heaving day and night, and the terraces that crowd the pavements remind you that Italy and Greece are not so far away in terms of distance and culture.The ongoing political tension has resulted in a deep suspicion of the government, as well as foreign powers such as the U. Belgrade has the Mediterranean lifestyle without the coastline.

Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia and its capital, but the “white city” has taken many forms since the beginnings of its settlement between 50,000 and 20,000 years ago. In 1521 Belgrade was conquered by the Ottomans, and there followed a period of tug-of war between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, who took turns destroying the city, each leaving behind a cosmopolitan legacy.

A quick way to cause offense amongst Serbians would be to lump them in with the other nations from ex-Yugoslavia.

Slava is the celebration of the feast day of a family’s patron saint (passed down by the father to sons) and it is a uniquely Serbian tradition.

In Serbia, trees are bought to celebrate New Year rather than Christmas (where a Yule log is the centerpiece).

Eye contact is important when shaking hands and greeting one another or when clinking glasses in Serbia.

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