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When Sidra discovers that Jerry and Elaine are friends, she breaks up with Jerry using the now-legendary line "they're real ...and they're spectacular." The storyline double dips with another memorable plot featuring Megan Mullally.Megan Mullally actually appeared in the same debut episode as Teri Hatcher, titled "The Implant," playing George's girlfriend Betsy.In the episode, Betsy's aunt dies and George flies to the funeral, buying an expensive plane ticket (which he hopes to later get discounted).Jane Leeves is one of Jerry's girlfriends who appears in more than one episode. Most memorably, when Marla decides she's finally ready to sleep with Jerry, she finds out he can't because he's trying to prove he is "master of his domain" in a competition he has with George, Kramer and Elaine.

When Valerie's stepmother gets poisoned, Jerry gets called instead of poison control, and he's happy about how high he must rank. Three years later, fans fell in love with Graham as Lorelai Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls."Bryan Cranston has a memorable reoccurring role in "Seinfeld" as Jerry's dentist, Dr. Among his storylines: He is caught "regifting" a label maker, stocking his dentist's office with pornographic magazines, throwing a party Jerry may or may not have been invited to and accusing Jerry of being an anti-dentite (biased against dentists).In Hatcher's first episode, the focus is on her breasts.With Elaine questioning whether they are natural or man-made, she stages an "accidental" stumble in the sauna to see if she can discover the truth.Cranston later won three Emmys for best actor as Walter White in "Breaking Bad."Debra Messing played Beth Lukner. She started on the show happily married until George made a comment that she could have done better than her husband.After that almost ruined the relationship, ultimately it ends in a later episode after Elaine ruins an adoption proceeding for the couple.

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Peet plays a waitress named Linette who has a male roommate (whom she is also probably seeing on the side).

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