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Second life traffic not updating

We’re aware that these changes may be controversial to some who are accustomed to using (or recommending that other people use) LOD Factor settings that are higher than necessary in today’s Second Life and that may contribute negatively to performance.

You’ll also find that when you click on a folder, it will display a pair of numbers that looks, for example, like this: (380/184 Elements).

Linden Lab will be disabling some old inventory code soon, which will break legacy inventory fetching for all previous Firestorm versions and any viewer not supporting the new and much-improved HTTP asset fetch functionality.

Also be aware, we have made some improvements to the “Level of Detail” (LOD) setting in this version.

The typical notecard of this kind tells you where to find the LOD Factor setting and how to change it to the value the creator recommends for viewing their objects.

The problem lies in the values some creators recommend.

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The Problem Firestorm, like all Second Life viewers, has a large number of configuration settings.

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