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Necropsy TRIS MONOCHLOROPROPYL PHOSPHATES 345 TABLE 15–2 Inhalation Toxicity Studies on Tris Monochloropropyl Phosphates Chemical, Purity Species, Concentration Duration Effects Comments References Strain, (mg/m3) Sex, Number Nominally IV- Rat, 17,800, nominal 1 hr (14-d No deaths; Albright and tris (2- Sprague- observation) inactivity; Wilson chloropropyl) Dawley, M/ swollen 1980aa phosphate, F, 5/sex/ eyelids; 100% Probable dose increased mixture: lacrimation, IIV; salivation, dry likely that I is rales; lower than 75% decreased body weight Nominally IV- Rat, 5,000 average, 4 hr (14-d Mortality; LC50(F): Albright and tris (2- Sprague- integrated observation) inactivity, ~5,000 mg/ Wilson chloropropyl) Dawley, M/ weakness, m3 LC50(M): 1980ab phosphate, lot F, 5/sex/ salivation; one 5,000 mg/m3 for males and approximately 5,000 mg/m3 for females.

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