Reasons for validating scientific reasoning

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Reasons for validating scientific reasoning

The introduction of the context distinction and the disciplinary distinction that was tied to it spawned meta-philosophical disputes.For a long time, philosophical debates about discovery were shaped by the notion that philosophical and empirical analyses are mutually exclusive.In the broadest sense, “discovery” is a synonym for “successful scientific endeavor” tout court.Some philosophical disputes about the nature of scientific discovery reflect these terminological variations.Objects of discovery can be things, events, processes, causes, and properties as well as theories and hypotheses and their features (their explanatory power, for example).

It was further assumed that the act of conceiving a new idea is a non-rational process, a leap of insight that cannot be regulated.This essay describes the emergence and development of the philosophical problem of scientific discovery, surveys different philosophical approaches to understanding scientific discovery, and presents the meta-philosophical problems surrounding the debates.Philosophical reflection on scientific discovery occurred in different phases.Reaching logical conclusions based upon evidence reached through investigation.Firstly a hypothesis, which is an idea, is made and then an investigation is planned that will provide evidence of whether the original hypothesis is true or false.

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But this position was the minority view during much of 20-century philosophy of science.

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