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There are no customer service hours listed on the Contact Us page. Box 9350Minneapolis, MN 55440 Customers can shop, check order details and contact a customer care representative from the official Target website at

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We spent the night in jail and had been escorted there as though we were three criminals.”Also Read: SXSW Parties 2017: The Top Invites, From Migos to Rachael Ray (Updating)The band had been scheduled to play the Austin festival, as well as several other concerts in the United States, which they describe as “for promotional purposes only.” The statement says the band members were told they did not have to acquire work visas because they “were in no way going to earn money from it or receive any form of payment.”Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee.

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I know...u know..wearn't even being paid....thats why no work permits..Donald has the ones who ok those coming in going crazy....better to upset nations and folks rather then the Donald...

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