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Project web access not updating

In this case it can leave you confused as to why your users aren’t able to access their sites after you create a project.The behavior you will see is that on initial publish of a project, assuming you create a site, then even if you have ‘Enable Project Site Sync’ enabled you will still not see your users added – and neither will you see the expected additional ‘Project Web App Synchronized’ groups – you will just see the default members, Owners and Visitors if you go to Site Settings, Site Permissions: If you click on the Synchronize option you will see things put right – and the new groups will get added and your users added.If I change this to 2, this still has no effect on the site synchronization as long as the checkbox is checked.Sync happens both on site creation and also using the Synchronize button. The dialog in my first screenshot has no equivalent in 2013, and in a new installation the database setting for WADMIN_AUTO_ADD_USER_TO_SUBWEB is defaulted to 1.In this article Creating and Validating Formulas Custom Field Formulas and Localization Formula References to Resource, Project, and Task Fields Errors in Formulas Custom field values and graphical indicator values in Microsoft Project 2010 can be calculated by using formulas.

What if I am using 2010 and have that box unchecked – then migrate to 2013?

Microsoft Project Server 2010 calculates the values of formulas for project, task, and resource custom fields when a project is published.

For example, if you use the Project Web App Resource Center page to add a resource custom field that has a formula, you can directly add the formula without starting Project Professional 2010 as Project 2007 requires.

The WADMIN_USER_SYNC_SETTING now has some UI – under Server Settings, Project Permission Sync Settings.

I should add that this only appears when you are using Project Server Permissions mode.

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When the check box is cleared, Project Server users are never synchronized with Project Sites.”: Project Save from Project Professional Start Workflow Success Project Publish Notifications Project Publish Success Reporting (Project Publish) Project Site Create Reporting (Project Sync) Reporting (Enterprise Project Type and Workflow Information Sync) However, I still do not see my expected users added to my site.