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Prachi desai dating

After a competition is announced by Channel V, they decide to enter, as the winner will be offered an album contract and at least one music video.

Sakshi gives birth to a baby boy, whom they name "Rob" in memory of their friend. The band members and their families meet every weekend to keep the band's "Magik" alive forever. four out of five stars and describes it as "an enthralling watch, with entertaining moments to make you smile. four out of five stars and states: "Put your hands together for one of the finest films of our times.

His wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai), hoping to relieve his habitual resentment, decides to gift him a gold-chain wrist watch for his birthday. D., who now works for his father's jewellery business, overhears Sakshi talking about Aditya at the jewellery shop and introduces himself. meets with Rob, who now makes a living composing jingles for advertisements.

Sakshi later conveys the meeting to Aditya who denies knowing K. When Sakshi finds a box filled with Magik's photos, she invites K. to the birthday party, telling him she wants to reunite Aditya with the band. Together, they invite Joe, who lives largely unemployed, with an eight-year-old son.

Later, when the cameramen focus only on Aditya during the filming of the music video, Joe becomes furious at the director and Aditya before leaving with Debbie.

Aditya, who failed to notice that anything was amiss, is shocked and abandons music and his girlfriend Tania (Nicolette Bird) leaving a note for her.

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The contest is aired on the radio, and while Joe is on his way to the airport, he hears Magik perform the song he wrote for Debbie 10 years ago, and dedicate it to him.

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