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Pantograph and master dial plates Factory catalog dial numbers Dial shapes Sundry dial features relating to dial blanks, feet, date stamps, subsidiary seconds, butler centers, gold tone, and more….

Custom dials Private label dials Dial numerals Dial boxes Prototype dials Cleaning dials Chapter 6 Case Makers and Cases History of each watch case maker used by Illinois The Keystone Watch Case Company The Wadsworth Watch Case Company The FAHYS Watch Case Company The Solidarity Watch Case Company Pioneer Watch Case Company Case model numbers for each factory-cased wristwatch for men’s and lady’s models An Illinois Watch Factory List of all Factory-Cased Illinois watches dated December 1, 1932 for pocket and wristwatches.

Chapter 5 Dials Porcelain dial making with pictures of the actual process being performed in the Watch Factory.

The Ottawa Society of the Living Dead The radium lady dial painters – the tragic saga of the country’s first major industrial health hazard.

A list of 36 names of Illinois wristwatches that have yet to be identified from that list!Anyhow, this watch wasn’t working when I bought it. I imagine that the balance staff was replaced and the hole in the roller table was too big, so someone shellacked the table to the staff as a quick and dirty fix. It’s hard to show in a picture, but the roller jewel is too small.The balance wheel wiggled, so I suspected a broken balance staff. These old pocket watches have been through many, many hands, so they usually have a few bugaboos. It looks much smaller than the typical single-roller 18-size jewel, and it doesn’t contact the pallet fork along the fork’s full depth.Illinois made these Model 6 18-size watches for a long, long time.The Illinois 69 in an earlier post, for example, was made in 1913, and it’s the same model.

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In 1926, 12-size and 16-size watches were the hot thing in pocket watches, and the shift to wrist watches was underway. For its time, the technology in this watch is dated: a full plate design with a single roller would seem dowdy next to the motor barrels, double-rollers, and bridge-plate designs that were popular in the 1920s.