Over 60 dating and sex

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Other general health issues need to be considered as well.Can a man or woman with cardiovascular disease—and who has had stents inserted after a heart attack—safely be sexual again?For example, "Hey Dad, you keep talking about Virginia and all the fun you two are having. How about all of us going out to dinner this weekend?" In most instances, your fears will be allayed, because Mom or Dad is likely to be approaching this new relationship in a reasonable fashion, particularly if this has been their pattern over the years.

Once again, pharmacology comes to the rescue—there are a number of things that women can do to address this issue, assuming that they are willing to talk with their physicians or other heath care professionals about their concerns.If it's Mom and a younger man, it’s “he’s only after one thing," along with the fear of possible financial exploitation.If it's Dad, and particularly if he is with a younger woman, it’s “She’s a gold digger.” In either case, negative images often emerge: “No fool like an old fool” and “Why doesn’t he/she act his/her age?Again, I'm not making any judgments about whether you are or are not planning to become sexually active.I just wanted to make sure you take care of yourself, whatever you choose." There may be a lot of blushing and/or harrumphing, but it is the right thing to do.

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Consultation with an experienced physician or other health provider will help Mom or Dad determine what his/her options are.

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