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Use these steps to change the Exchange server or account name that is shown on the File, Account Settings, E-mail tab and in the From field when you are composing a message. See Backup Profile for a quick command line method.To change the name by editing the registry, press Windows key R to open the Run command then type regedit into it and press Enter. Save End If Next End Sub This macro (or script) works on all data files, however, its generally easier just to change the names using the user interface, when supported. To check the description field, right click on the root folder and choose Properties or Data File Properties. If you don't use to use the script to change the display name, you can use MFCMAPI to edit the PR_DISPLAY_NAME property.After installing Redemption, add a new module and paste the macro into the VBA editor. You'll need to restart Outlook for the change to take effect. This will be easier for most people to use as you just need to double click on the file to make the change (after editing the old and new names in the file.) To use the script, download the script, edit the folder names then save it and change the extension to vbs. (To change the name in the From field, go to File, Account Settings, double click on the account then More Settings.Change the old Name and new Name values in the macro, using the account name as shown in File, Account Settings or in the From field of a new message for old Name variable and the desired name as the new Name variable. Make the name change on the first tab.) Before editing the key, export it so you can easily fix it if the display name is messed up.Dear All, I have outlook 2010 configured with an exchange account; the exchange is 2010. When i click on the send/receive or restart the outlook, the new e-mails are downloaded. We have 5 share email boxes that are not updating to my laptop install Outlook application.

Rather than deleting the account name and reentering it, I replaced the letters, using spaces it fill in if the email address was longer than the desired display name.

In this example the primary SMTP address has changed to [email protected]

When launching Outlook the user may notice that the email address in the root folder has not changed. The email address stamped in the root folder is determined at profile creation time and should reflect the primary SMTP address stamped on the user.

The status bar when accessing the folder states "Updating this folder" and "Connected." My primary account is updating properly.

Other user of the shared email boxes are receiving the updates.

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When an Outlook profile is configured, the primary address is displayed as the root name of the default folder structure. In this instance the primary email address of the users account is changed.