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Okcupid dating quiz

The final step asks you to point out the kind of person you prefer by selecting three attractive men or women from a long list. These steps might sound silly, but in reality it makes the registration look like a fun game, dismissing the tension.Ok Cupid maintains this playful way of sharing information about yourself later in the profile section as well.Plus, you can utilize Google Play and i Tunes to subscribe to the service or pay for boosters.Other dating sites not only forbid you from mailing others, but they often blur out the texts you receive from others, unless you become a paying member.Browsing through the profile selection is easier as the app focuses more on the pictures and key features, while you can let the person know that you are interested just by gently sweeping the screen.This way you get to see dozens of profiles during your lunchbreak.Creating a profile on Ok Cupid is a welcoming experience, since you don’t need to spend minutes to fill out answer after answer about your interests and dream partner.You are free to kick off just by entering your birthdate, current location, email and username.

There are tons of questions you can reply to, and doing so will reward you by literally offering a profile upgrade and a higher percentage on the match display.

That’s why right off the bat you can clearly state your gender identity, and choose from a complete list of gender types such as non-binary, cis man, genderfluid, hijra, transsexual, and two spirit.

A similarly wide list is available for your sexual preference: among others, you can be demisexual, homoflexible, sapiosexible and so on.

The first step – write something about yourself and upload a photo – is nothing special, but the second step asks you five creative yes or no questions.

They ask whether or not you like messy people or your opinion about jealousy.

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Nowadays, having a separate app to bring your date searching with you is a must have for matchmaking sites that want to maintain a leading position.

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