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But despite what you hear, realize that ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ is a bad strategy.How can we help you to transform your idea into a research project?

A longtime industry leader and a “hotel icon”, Michael is currently the Volunteer Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Aquarium.

But when you have a chance to establish an idea and an organization that changes the course of history and changes the course of many lives, well that stands out as a very important accomplishment to me.

(When speaking of his accomplishments in co-founding AAHOA) — The customer is not always right, but is always the customer — Every employee is a human being who deserves dignity and care, and it is OK if they ask why, rather than simply accept an order because people often need an explanation for why they should do things.

I now believe the Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge is the single best,’ Mike Leven says in a recent remark. These are among the things the Service Pledge program will help create.

The program is based on four pillars; Customer Service, Company Culture, Communication and Service Recovery, integrated, seamlessly and positively, to make a considerable difference in how the organization’s customer service and the credibility of its Service Pledge are perceived.

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In addition to the Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge program, an international platform for mentoring travel and hospitality executives is underway, in the form of The Mike Leven Mentoring Program.