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New zealand dating website

New Zealand is an island country in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.

It lies about 1 600 km southeast of Australia and about 10 500 km southwest of California.

They came from Polynesian islands located northeast of New Zealand.

The country was discovered by Europeans in 1642, but they did not start to settle in the islands until the late 1700's.

New Zealand belongs to a large island group called Polynesia.

The country is situated on two main islands — the North Island and the South Island — and several dozen smaller islands.

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She appoints a governor general to represent her, but the governor general has little power.

The legislation, prime minister, and Cabinet run the national government.

The country has a long tradition of brewing excellent ginger beers and it was a pleasure to travel the island, easily finding this great beverage in most cafes and markets.

Searching both the north and south islands from the east to west coasts, we got our hands on six different ginger beers, tasted them, and compiled our notes.

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Today, most New Zealanders are descendants of the early European settlers.

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