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These tips are from MY observations and what I have learned from experience! I always like to say hello to any customer that comes into my free chat and ask them how they are. It doesn’t look good, just kick or ban them if necessary. What is very important for you girls to remember is that in your private room the guy is daydreaming about having sex with you so he will not want to use the keyboard. Focus on taking care of the hard on you’ve given him. ) He needs to see you naked and opportunity to stroke it off without interruption. I like to wear different colored bikinis, g strings, sexy shoes etc. Also make sure you have some toys, oils readily available. Let your customers that you have audio in private chat! That way my customers know when and where to see me. Ensure that your webcam is in a good place to show you off to your full potential. If you don’t have that feature you should just get naked and allow the guy to make the first typing move in private.The device itself is relatively inexpensive and many webcams actually have it integrated.Most of the microphones have a so called Jack-plug to connect to Your computer with.This should be plugged into the pink (sometimes red) connector of Your computer's audio device.When coming online using Jasmin Cam, the software will ask You to select Your microphone type from the first drop down menu.No,most guys won’t just cum and leave in a minute if you do this.

If someone is advertising another website in your chat room please click the ' Report Bug/Spam' button in the software.The maximum number of Members in Your Private room at the same time is 6.You can switch between them by clicking on the corresponding tab.You can use the Private Session feature to give someone a music lesson or perform exclusively in front of a single viewer.You can also simply use Private Sessions to get an intimate experience with your most committed fans.

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E-mailing, contacting a Member outside Oranum is against the rules.