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Following the secularization of church property in countries such as Mexico, some constructions were not maintained and their contents were looted, making such documentation important.Native-born art historians initially had to go abroad to be trained, but national institutes for the study of the arts were established in Latin America in the 1930s as part of governments or major universities.Scholars from Europe and the United States tended to emphasize the similarities across national and regional boundaries in Latin America.Latin Americans themselves still tend to emphasize their national traditions, with a few exceptions.The most popular endeavour became the construction of enormous houses of worship within the ; loosely called monasteries, these were really nerve cells for the conversion of indigenous towns.In the early art of this period, the personal creativity of Indian artists was not encouraged—rather, skill and competence were.Visual arts production in the region reflected these changes.

(For an exploration of these artistic traditions, African art.)Over the course of the decades and centuries after the European contact, Latin America underwent sweeping cultural and political changes that would lead to the independence movements of the 19th century and the social upheavals of the 20th century.Latin American art, artistic traditions that developed in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America after contact with the Spanish and Portuguese beginning in 14, respectively, and continuing to the present. The European discovery, conquest, and settlement of the Americas, which began in 1492, created enormous changes in the indigenous cultures of the region.When Europeans arrived, mostly from Spain and Portugal, they came with painting and sculpture traditions dating back to antiquity.The arts that were dominant in the pre-Columbian era—including weaving, pottery, metalworking, lapidary, featherwork, and mosaic ( Native American arts)—continued to be practiced unaltered in these areas in the postcolonial era.These regions were nevertheless indirectly influenced by the arrival of Europeans through the spread of diseases to which the natives had no resistance, the movement of native peoples away from the conquered areas, the spread of new technologies and species of plants and animals, and, finally, the importation of African slaves into those areas depopulated by their aboriginal populations.

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The appreciation of Latin American art and its history began as a nationalist endeavour in the second half of the 19th century, inspired in part by the independence movements that took place there at the beginning of the century.

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