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Picturesque they might be, but very bad, the mud in winter being up to the knees of persons or saddle-girths of horses.

The clothier driving in his gig, riding upon horseback, or carrying his piece of cloth upon his shoulder to Huddersfield market would not find fault with bad roads.

His daughter Nancy was my great grand-mother, and in his will, dated November, 1790, he bequeaths to her property upon which the Window-Tax had to be paid, so that at this date the tax had not been repealed in Honley.

At this date civilization had not multiplied wants, so that domestic arrangements in Honley houses were simple.

Those men of a past day, who, in obscure village or hamlet silently built up the greatness of an Empire, were a distinct class in Honley, generally engaged in the farming and clothing industries.

Here then had gradually come again into greater prominence the “free-necked” race of men, named yeomen, who, having one gained their freedom never again bent their neck to Priestly or Aristocratic tyranny.

Their dwellings were grouped together in lanes, folds and yards; or spread about upon hill-sides or in valleys.

As the spinning-wheels whirred on hearths, and looms clacked over heads, long rows of windows ran the whole length of the buildings for purposes of light.

The highest rate of 12/11 was paid by William Crosley, and the lowest was one penny.

The food was frugal in character, chiefly consisting of oatmeal porridge, tea being 16/- per pound, and flour 8/- per stone.

A Clothier in Honley, whose standing at that time was equal to a present-day local manufacturer, drew up his will at this date.

The clothing trade had been generally chosen on account of natural advantages favourable to its production, and the two trades were carried on side by side.

The climate being bleak, and land unproductive, the small land owner had been forced by necessity to add another industry to that of farming.

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They had been hewn out and walked upon by the founders of his blood, and if quagmires, the mud was native soil.