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BAT Batch Processing (file name extension) B2B Business-To-Business BBS Bulletin Board System B2C Business To Consumer BCC Block Check Character BCC: Blind Carbon Copy BCD Binary Coded Decimal B-CHANNEL Bearer Channel BCL Base Class Libraries Batch Command Language BCN Beacon BCNF Boyce-Codd Normal Form BCP Best Current Practice Bulk Copy Program BCPL Basic Computer Programming Language BCR Byte Count Register BCS Bar Code Sorter BDA Bios Data Area BDC Backup Domain Controller BDE Borland Database Engine [Borland] BDLS Bidirectional Loop Switching BDOS Basic Disk Operating System BDR Bus Device Request BDSL (See DSL) BE Below or Equal B2E Business To Employees BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification BEDO Burst Extended Data Out BEEP Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol BEL Bell BELLCORE Bell Communications Research BER Basic Encoding Rules Bit Error Rate BERT Bit Error Rate Test/Tester BF Bad Flag B/F Background/Foreground .BFC Briefcase (file name extension) [Microsoft] BFF Binary File Format [IBM] BFT Binary File Transfer BFTP Batch FTP BGA Ball Grid Array BGCOLOR Background Color [HTML] BGE Branch if Greater or Equal .ASCII Asynchronous Support Package AAT Average Access Time AATP Authorized Academic Training Program [Microsoft] .ABA Address Book Archive (file name extension) [Palm] ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming [SAP] ABC * Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes) ABEND Abnormal End ABI Application Binary Interface ABIOS Advanced BIOS ABIST Automatic Built-In Self-Test [IBM] ABLE Adaptive Battery Life Extender Agent Building and Learning Environment [IBM] ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode ABR Available Bit Rate ABRD Automatic Baud Rate Detection ABRS Automated Book Request System [British Library] ABS Address Book Synchronization [IBM] Absolute ABT Abort ABTS ASCII Block Terminal Services AC Autocheck Automatic Computer Alternating Current ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol ACC Accumulator ACCMAIL Accessing the Internet Via Email ACD Automatic Call Distribution ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface ACE Access Control Encryption/Entry Adobe Certified Expert Advanced Composition Explorer [JHUAPL] Advanced Computing Environment [SCO] Adverse Channel Enhancements [Microcom] * Automatic Computing Engine ACF Access Control Field Advanced Communications Function ACH Automated Clearing House ACIAS Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems ACK Acknowledgment ACL Access Control List Asynchronous Connection-Less (link) ACM Association for Computing Machinery Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft] ACMS Application Control Management System ACP Ancillary Control Program Auxiliary Control Process ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACR Allowed Cell Rate ACROSS Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System ACS Access Access Control Set Access Control System * Advanced Computer System [IBM] Anti Curl System Asynchronous Communication Server ACSS Audio Cascading Style Sheets ACTLU Active Logical Unit ACTPU Active Physical Unit ACTS Automated Computer Time Service ACTT Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology [Seiko] ACU Automatic Calling Unit ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capacity A/D Analog to Digital ADA Automatic Data Acquisitions (Programming Language named after Augusta Ada Lovelace) ADB Apple Desktop Bus ADC Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes] Add with Carry Analog to Digital Converter ADCCP Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures/Protocol ADD Automatic Document Detection [Word Perfect] ADF Automatic Document Feeder Automatically Defined Function .CDF Comma Delimited Format (file name extension) CDFS Compact Disc File System [Microsoft] CD G Compact Disk plus Graphics CD-I Compact Disk - Interactive CDIA Certified Document Imaging Architect CDL Computer Design Language CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDMF Commercial Data Masking Facility [IBM] CD-MO Compact Disk - Magneto Optical CDO Collaboration Data Objects [Microsoft] CDOS Concurrent Disk Operating System CDP * Certificate In Data Processing (First certification for Computer Professionals) CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data CDR Call Detail Record Call Detail Recording Common Data Representation .

BIB Bibliography (file name extension) Bi Di Bi-Directional BIFET Bipolar Field Effect Transistor BIFF Binary Interchange File Format BIM Beginning of Information Marker . BLD BASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension) BLE Branch if Less or Equal BLER Block Error BLI Business Logic Integration [Microsoft] BLK Block BLMC Buried Logic Macrocell BLOB Binary Large Object BLOG Web Log BLOS Branch if Lower Or Same BMI Branch if Minus BMIC Bus Master Interface Controller [Intel] BMP Basic Mapping Support Basic Multilingual Plane Batch Message Processing Program .

BIN Binary (file name extension) BINAC * Binary Automatic Computer BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain BINHEX Binary Hexadecimal BIOS Basic Input/Output System BIS Business Information System BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network BIST Built-In Self-Test Bi SYNC (See BSYNC) BIT Binary Digit BITNET Because It's Time Network BITNIC Bitnet Network Information Center BIU Bus Interface Unit BIW Business Intelligence Warehouse [SAP] BIX Byte Information Exchange (BBS) . BMP Bitmap (file name extension) [Paintbrush Format] BNC Bayonet Neill-Concelman (connector used with coaxial cable invented by Mr.

Neill-Concelman) British Naval Connector BNE Branch if Not Equal BNF Backus-Naur Form (also Backus-Normal Form) [developed by John Backus and Peter Naur] BNS Backbone Network Service BO Binary Output BOA Basic Object Adapter BOB Break-out Box BOC Basic Operator Console BOF Beginning Of File BOM Basic Online Memory [IBM] Beginning Of Message BOND Bandwidth On Demand BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol [Internet] BOPS Billion Operations Per Second BORPQU Borland Pro Quattro BORQU Borland Quattro BOS Basic Operating System BOT Beginning Of Table Beginning of Tape Robot BP Base Pointer BPB BIOS Parameter Block BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit Berkeley Packet Filter BPI Bits Per Inch BPL Branch If Plus Broadband Over Power Lines BPM Business Process Management [Microsoft] BPP Bits Per Pixel BPR Business Process Re-engineering [Linux] BPS Bits Per Second Bytes Per Second BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying BR Bad Register BRGC Binary Reflected Gray Code BRI Basic Rate Interface Brain Response Interface BS Backspace BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method BSC Base Station Controller Binary Synchronous Communication .

BSC Boyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications] BSCS Bachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science BSD Berkely Software/Standard Distribution BSF Bit Scan Forward BSI British Standards Institute BSM Basic Storage Module [IBM] BSP Bulk Synchronous Parallelism BSR Bit Scan Reverse BS-RAM Burst Static RAM BSS Block Started by Symbol BST Binary Search Tree BSY Busy BSYNC Binary Synchronous Communications (protocol) BT Bit Test BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method [IBM] BTB Branch Target Buffer BTC Bit Test and Complement BTI Business Type Identifier BTOA Binary To ASCII BTP Batch Transfer Program BTR Bit Test and Reset BTS Base Transceiver Station Bit Test and Set BU Branch Unit BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries [Janet] BUF Buffer BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server BVH Base Video Handler BWM Block-Write Mode B2X Binary To Hexadecimal [REXX] BYTE Binary Element String C = C Programming Language .

C = C source code (file name extension) [C] CA = Certification Authority Collision Avoidance CAB = Compressed Application Binary [Microsoft] .

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