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Versailles and Les Misérables actor George Blagden stars as Lenny, Amy’s first partner after Frank.

Blagden has previously played the Sun King - Louis XIV - in period drama Versailles and also starred as the lead in Vikings: Athelstan's Journal.

The logic of the app is to build up a comprehensive dating profile and relationship history in a bid to find the perfect match.

Hang the DJ follows Frank (played by Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell), who are initially paired together for a short amount of time but click from the start.

This intelligent and witty book is the perfect collection of uplifting doodles that every young woman can relate to, laugh with and enjoy.

Alongside continuing to act and doing stand-up comedy, Jessie now does excellent doodles that are SPOT-ON when it comes to modern relationships.

He’s also starred in Skins, The Hour and Woodstock.

Amy is portrayed by BAFTA-winning actress Georgina Campbell, who first rose to fame for her performance as a domestic violence victim in Murdered by My Boyfriend.

BLACK MIRROR CROCODILE FILMING LOCATIONThere is no word as yet from Netflix about the future of the show but judging by the success of season four, it seems likely that there will be a follow up.

Jessie Cave is a successful actress, comedian, writer and artist.

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However, there are some big American actors in the cast this time around as well.