Is diggy simmons dating nicolette ivy league dating service

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It looks like Diggy has a long term relationship that has lasted for five years now.Jessica Jarrell can be known as Diggy Simmons girlfriend and she is also a singer and furthermore she is a model.DS: I don't.17: What kind of girl catches your eye? I love a girl who knows what she wants and who she wants to be.I like somebody who can have fun and just live in the moment, but who also knows what she wants for her future.

So the rumor has it that Diggy Simmons girlfriend is engaged with him, not only that people talk about their engagement there are also talks that the couple is planning their wedding next year.Diggy hasn’t had any public scandal as yet and managed to keep himself clean, that way so far.Presumably, jokes were thrown every now and then about their break-up on social networks, some even saying that they got a divorce, before getting married!I like a girl who has her head on straight, but who's also a sweetheart.I just want somebody I can kick it with, like my real best friend.17: Does she have to get your family's approval?

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The rumors spread in a quite interesting way it appears that one website claims to have information about Diggy Simmons girlfriend and Diggy himself, from a source that knows them both.