Is amber marshall dating anyone who was keyshia cole dating

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Is amber marshall dating anyone

As long as we are both enjoying it the final product will always turn out well. AM: I always had a shelf of horse and animal books, and yes the Heartland series was among them.I remember reading a couple, but to be honest reading wasn’t my favorite activity.I have been around animals all my life, but it was always on my own time, at my leisure. Over the years on Heartland, I have learned that you can never hide frustration from an animal. So now I try and channel that into the scene and just make it work.If the horse or I don’t get exactly what is scripted, it doesn’t matter.I sold Laney to a girl I knew growing up because I was just too far away to give her the attention she needed.Pepsi stayed in Ontario, where my mom looked after him until he was green-broke and ready to head west!

AM: I have always been interested in learning a variety of different training methods.

The director and producers must have seen that love of animals in my audition tape, as they seemed to think it was a perfect fit and hired me after seeing only a taped audition.

EWM: The show has become such a hit – how have you adjusted to this new lifestyle? AM: My friends and family treat me as they always have, since I am still the same person.

From my homemade “horse and bandit” video to acting out survival scenes with my dogs in the yard, I have always tried to bring acting and animals together.

Heartland makes everything I have enjoyed doing come together.

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As I grew older, I would always hope to do a project in school about days long ago.

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