Intimidating management security center can t change your automatic updating settings

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How do you know if you’re truly working toward your core values? Take control of your workspace and time so you can be productive.

Replace it with something that serves your ultimate plan. Often we allow ourselves to lose focus and be interrupted as a crutch when we’re experiencing uncomfortable emotions.

If you have endless lists of priorities, it’s the same as having no priorities. Once you have a direction to move in, you’ll get a better sense of what actions deserve your attention and which ones don’t.

By aligning your outcomes with your core values, you can achieve clarity on which goals are true priorities. If you’re facing an overwhelming number of tasks around an outcome, remember that you can create better to-do lists by chunking all related tasks into smaller groups that are easier to manage and tackle.

Is it to lose weight or to earn a promotion at work?

Whatever it is, you have to be clear with the outcome you plan to achieve and designate the time needed to reach your goal.

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