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By the way, that’s Brenna Doyle (played by Kerri Quinn with commendable lustfulness) of Brenna’s Baps (pun intended).Even that proved slightly more problematic than most one-night stands, and the early frisson of tuna-and-mayonnaise-flavoured romance and enthusiastic love-making became overshadowed by a realisation that this dinner lady had problems of her own – a violent (when not absentee) husband, a mild drink problem, and, consequently, getting a bit too gobby at all the wrong times to Greg’s young kids, still adjusting to life without their mammy. That parodic Hitchcock scene, also strongly reminiscent of Peter Sellers in the Clouseau films, was followed by an -style public shouting match in the street. Of course, the real embarrassment there was that Greg was so blinkered and emotionally thick that he couldn’t spot that maybe his missus left him for another woman and not another man (the latter, to his eyes, would be at least explicable if unforgivable).

He was lucky to get away with that, and I thought wistfully for a moment whether 30 years of the Troubles had endowed the Police Service of Northern Ireland with a better sense of priorities than those on the mainland.

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I say that because Alan has been the most humiliated figure in British TV for decades now, thanks not least to his estrangement from wife Carol and children Denise and Fernando Partridge.

In terms of the “themes”, as they say, there is indeed no shortage of autumnal material on our screens, mirroring the ageing British demographic.

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Much to everyone’s relief, Cathy managed to say some mushy things to Peter about missing him loads, and that bravery that saved her from taking another terrible emotional hit.

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