Infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

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For more information about Device Manager and its options, check out the following two pages: - Description of Device Manager in Windows 2000 and Windows XP - How to Configure Device Manager to Display Detailed Information There are too many options and settings related to "Display Devices" to cover them all in these Tech Notes, so we are going to cover only the basics and the essentials for the exam.The video adapter and monitor settings can be altered on the properties to attain the best refresh frequency.Modems are usually detected during setup, or during startup in case a modem is installed or attached after setup.If your modem is not detected, you should try running the Wireless Wireless network cards are becoming more common every day.Windows XP includes drivers for most popular smartcard equipment, but you should always check the manufacturer's site for updated software.When the smartcard reader is installed successfully, you can configure Windows XP to require a smartcard for logon and individual network connections.

In an ACPI computer the operating system configures and monitors the computer, not the BIOS hardware settings.

Many different types of devices use an USB connection, examples include keyboards, pointing devices, game controllers, printers, cameras, and remote storage devices. If these are not listed, you may need to enable USB in the BIOS or even update the BIOS.

NICs Network Interface Cards (NICs) are used to connect a computer to a network.

Windows XP offers a security policy setting that can be used to define the action that should be taken when a smartcard is removed from a system.

Possible actions are: It is typically used to communicate with hand held devices and printers.

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