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Ikuta toma dating

Taguchi Junnosuke from KAT-TUN was also discovered to be in a long term relationship.

He is reported to have been dating his girlfriend for eight years.

The news enraged both AKB and Johnny’s fans on the internet, especially after Kashiwagi declined to make any comment on the incident and resumed social media activity as usual.

Tegoshi also didn’t address the incident publicly, and no other news of their relationship has been reported.

This year, they were discovered to have rekindled their relationship.

They too, were also spotted together, with Okada holding Miyazaki’s dog.

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In fact, quite a few have had their relationships made public.

One of the most recent is the marriage of Kokubun Taichi.

Here they are spotted together: Another member of V6 has been involved in his own dating drama as well.

Okada Junichi, one of the most popular members of the moment thanks to his drama roles, allegedly had an extra-marital affair with actress Miyazaki Aoi, which may have even contributed to her eventual divorce.

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Kokubun married a woman he was dating for 7 years, an employee of TBS.