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How to take dating slowly

Don’t get hung up on what you believe is the “right” amount of time it take for a relationship to progress.Instead, get to know how you feel about this person you’re getting to know (or whom you have known but are in a new relationship with). Keep in mind, the next logical step might be to keep doing what you two have been doing.She’s been dating a great guy for the past month and she thought they were close to maybe being a couple.Every weekend, Jenna and Chris have gone out together.She has met Chris’ friends and he even changed his Facebook status from “single” to “it’s complicated.”When Jenna asked Chris to go with her to her family reunion, she wasn’t trying to rush things.She only thought it would be fun to have his company for the day.

This can influence the rate at which dating moves into a relationship and then possibly into a long-term commitment.

There is not one #1: Know how fast or slow you want to go.

Because you can’t know easily or with 100% accuracy what your date wants, focus in on and be clear about what YOU want.

She can tell him that she is really enjoying going out with him, that she hopes they’ll continue to date and that she thought it would be fun to do this reunion together.

She can make it clear that she’s not trying to rush things or make him uncomfortable. He can tell her that he once dated a woman who wanted to move in with him after a month of dating and this is probably why her invitation triggered the reaction it did.

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It’s a big part of my life, part of who I am—a faithful friend, the kind that welcomes you back with open arms even after you’ve been inattentive.